We may not be the youngest PR agency around, but we still have all the energy of youth. COMEO’s PR Unit has been at home in the fields of tourism, experience, lifestyle and health for 25 years – achieving success for our customers, and serving as sparring partners, consultants and networkers. We don’t cling to the status quo, but put our faith in creative ideas of today that will bring success for our clients of tomorrow. You won’t find pigeonholing, stereotypes and cookie-cutter solutions at COMEO. Instead, we create concepts that are tailored to our clients’ needs and wishes. We take the role of collaborative planners, out-of-the box thinkers and hands-on deliverers of results, always focused on crafting effective long-term PR for our clients. To do this, we make use of both classic PR work and creative guerrilla marketing. Our bottom line is to bring together what belongs together: good stories, and the right media. So how do we do it? With a wealth of PR experience, solid contacts with trade, specialist and consumer media, a flair for authentic stories, and our finger on the pulse of contemporary life.


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Over ten or more years of collaboration, we have generated hundreds of media contacts for car hire agency Auto Europe; has become a regular recommendation in many information slots in prestigious travel magazines.

Our agency supported Auto Europe through the shift towards digital marketing by developing quality content, drawing up creative surveys and distributing them via Europe’s largest market research institute. We then prepared news content on the basis of the results, which was taken up extensively by media across the board, and now boosts the visibility of the Auto Europe brand.


Not so very long ago, the Azores were probably best known from a passing mention during the TV weather forecast. Now, just a few years later, the archipelago of nine islands is a firm favourite in travel operator catalogues and a popular destination for individual travellers.

Addition to networking by our experienced representatives, we achieved this high profile on the basis of continuous press work, regular research-focused press trips and carefully targeted advertising activities. In concrete terms, the German source market grew by 42.3% over a four-year period (during which total numbers of visitors from international source markets declined.)


Eight treetop walks in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and more projects in the planning stage, plus public listing in 2015: so much has happened since Erlebnis Akademie AG was founded in the early 2000s, as a small company based on a farm in the heart of the Bavarian Forest. Today it is among Europe’s leading providers of close-to-nature leisure activities with a focus on nature and environmental education.

A growing company brings growing challenges for its PR activities. We have accompanied the Erlebnis Akademie AG from the outset and have grown alongside it, aligning our strategies to its new PR requirements and stepping out on new paths shoulder to shoulder.

Our objective is very far from classic, tourism-based product PR for individual treetop walks; instead, we aim for integrated corporate PR that boosts and expands the media profile of Erlebnis Akademie AG. For example, by targeted contacting of business media to promote investor relations – including joining the editorial team for a coffee in the office.


Our PR work for FairPlane has been a clear lesson in how to use great topics to regularly place a small-scale startup in leading daily media, radio and TV. FairPlane is an Austrian legal tech company for passenger law services on the German market, and had previously gone largely unnoticed. We honed its profile, turned the spotlight on its USPs and designed a communication concept positioning FairPlane in German-speaking media as the consumer advocate. The result? Ongoing reporting in all relevant target media, taking the form of consultations, consumer advice and expert interviews.


Why not make a virtue of necessity? That's what we thought in summer 2013, when mosquitos were at their most annoying. We spontaneously announced a bet: As high-altitude Inzell is virtually free from mosquitos in the hottest weather, every child that could produce a mosquito bite would get a free ice-cream. The kids loved it, and so did the media. Reports appeared throughout Germany across all channels, including:


Around 466 million people all over the world suffer from hearing loss; in Germany, that figure represents around one in five people. One baby in every 1000 is born deaf. These facts are not widely known; fortunately, most of us can accept our good hearing as a natural advantage. But we’d like it to be that way for everyone. There are treatment methods for hearing loss, including – and particularly – sufferers for whom conventional hearing aids are not (or no longer) enough. An innovative medical device was developed in the 1970s by a husband-and-wife research team based in Vienna, far away from the glare of global publicity. They developed a hearing implant that would change modern medicine forever and enable even the deaf to hear again.

As part of our PR services for MED-EL, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and pioneers in the field of implantable and non-implantable hearing solutions, we developed a large-scale awareness campaign in consumer media to draw public attention to hearing loss. Instead of simply creating “hidden” product PR, we took a different approach. Our aim was to raise public awareness of this still all-too-neglected topic, by using the strategy of imbuing a high-tech product with emotion. Hearing loss is not only a subject that affects us all because it could befall any of us. It’s so much more. Hearing is quality of life; hearing is participating, being involved. We drew on patients’ authentic stories and on editorial tours with hearing implant users, gained the ear of journalists – and produced a lasting echo in our target media.

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