Incentive Island COMEO Event

Incentive Iceland - Between fire and ice

Client: BenQ

Participants: 40 guests

Highlights: Volcanic eruption, Super-Jeep-Tour, Iceland horses riding, glacier buffet, ice climbing, glacier walk, waterfall "Gulfoss", geyser "Strokkur"


Foreign cultures, unknown traditions, and yet sustained enthusiastic guests? We as a professional incentive agency have the perfect know-how.

Incentive Lappland COMEO Event

Incentive Lapland - With Skidoos and huskies in the Arctic Circle

Client: BenQ

Participants: 26 guests

Highlights: Overnight at the Ice Hotel, Skidoo Safari, Ice-karting


Fabulous and unique winter landscapes, culture, and exciting activities guarantee experience and fun for an exclusive VIP group.

As a professional incentive agency, COMEO Event ensures despite arctic cold that the experience will make your guests' hearts melt.

Your incentive agency COMEO Event is always happy to assist you with professionalism and passion for unique incentives in Scandinavia, whether in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Lapland, or Finland.


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