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Incentive Dubai COMEO Event

Incentive Dubai - Welcome to the land of superlatives

Client: BenQ

Participants: 38 guests

Highlights: Desert Safari, Dhow-cruise, picnic on the world, sunset cocktail in the desert, falcons show, camel polo, Bedouin dinner under the stars, a gala dinner at the Burj Al Arab.


Experience a world of tradition and modernity. Visit the unique projects in Dubai like The Palm, The World and the Burj Dubai. Discover secret roads of the Gold & Spice Souks or surf on a board down the dune.

As a professional incentive agency we ensure with creative and unusual ideas that your guests never stop to be amazed.

Your incentive agency COMEO Event is always happy to assist you with professionalism and passion for unique incentives in Arabia, whether in Jordan, Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi or Bahrain.

Incentive Jordanien COMEO Event

Incentive Jordan - On the trail of Indiana Jones

Client: acer

Participants: 70 guests

Highlights: agravic drive in the Dead Sea, visiting the city of Petra, a gala dinner among the ruins, a trip with nostalgic train, expedition through the Wadi Rum


Starting the trip with a small conference, the door suddenly opens and Indiana Jones bursts into the meeting. An important mission is waiting for you. Mysterious figures are trying to keep the participants from the mission but in the end everyone reachs the final goal of the teambuilding.

As a professional incentive agency we ensure with creative and unusual ideas that ancient ruins shine in a new light.

COMEO Event is your agency for exclusive, customized and creative firm incentives in Morocco, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, or Tunisia.

Incentive Marokko Marrakesch COMEO Event

Incentive Morocco - Magic moments in Arabian nights

Client: IBC Solar

Participants: 200 guests

Highlights: mint-tea suprise above the roofs of the old town of Marrakech, showplace of jugglers, Berber games at the Atlas mountains, Sultans palace, longest Flying Fox in Africa, the Arabian Nights


IBC Solar invited 200 guests into the atmosphere of Arabian nights, with palm trees to one side and mountains covered in snow to the other.

The orientalic flair allowed the guests to get in touch with the magical world of the old town of Marrakech.

Join us for a comparable, but nonetheless individual experience!

You are looking for an exclusive, tailor-made and unique corporate incentive? COMEO Event is your incentive agency also in Kenya, Egypt, Israel, or South Africa. From beaches to mountain tops, from jungle trekking to safaris.

Incentive Oman COMEO Event

Incentive Oman - In a country of the Arabian Nights

Client: Acer

Participants: 80 guests

Highlights: 24 Jeeps in the desert, exclusive night under the stars, Camel show, picnic in an oasis, gala dinner in a deserted fort


The darkness reaches the Empty Quarter, the relentless desert of Oman. 80 international guests stand in front of their jeeps and listen eagerly. The challenge, self-driving in loose sand, is imminent. For such adventures with a smooth, safe and fun project plan we recommend COMEO Event as a professional incentive agency.

Foreign cultures, unknown traditions and yet sustained enthusiastic guests? As a professional incentive agency we have the perfect know-how.

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