Incentive Südafrika COMEO Event

Incentive South Africa - Into the wilderness

Client: BenQ

Participants: 42 guests

Highlights: BOMA dinner with storyteller, bush walk through the wilderness, ballooning in the sunrise, private luxury tent camp, nature conservation close up at "Rhino-Tagging", drum workshop at the campfire, pure adrenaline during bush flight, wine blending, African night, and much more...


Boundless wide bush land, azure blue oceans and white beaches, adventurous mountain worlds and a fascinating animal world promise unusual and exciting experiences.

As a professional incentive agency COMEO Event ensures with a balanced and exciting program that your guests feel like on cloud nine.

Incentive Kenia COMEO Event

Incentive Kenya - In the footsteps of the Big Five

Client: BenQ

Participants: 35 guests

Highlights: Overnight at Safari Camp, Deerstalking- drives in the savannah, evening event on a Dhow


The safari is over and the guests enjoy a relaxing drink by the campfire. But suddenly screaming Maasai-warriors jump out of the bushes and attack the guests. A nightmare? No, just a fun act and a great surprise at this Kenya incentive.

COMEO Event provides as a professional incentive agency the right kick in the smooth running of your incentives.

Are you looking for an exclusive, customized and unique corporate incentive? COMEO Event is your incentive agency in Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. From Palm beach to the mountain peaks, from jungle trekking to safari.

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