British Isles

Incentive Irland COMEO Event

Incentive Ireland - The Emerald Isle

Client: acer Germany

Participants: 45 guests

Highlights: Exklusive distillery dinner, visit of the Aran Islands, overnight stay at an historic castle, unique experience with falcons at a noble land

This tailor-made Ireland incentive trip leads the guests to undiscovered places. From east to west of Ireland. From design hotels to nostalgic estates. These experiences ensure longlasting memories.

COMEO Event provides as professional incentive agency a balanced and exciting program.

Incentive Schottland COMEO Event

Incentive Scotland - Kilt, cult and highland-games

Client: acer

Participants: 80 guests

Highlights: 80 men in kilts follow the bagpipe player through Edinburgh, Highland Games, Comedian-Highlander, Bagpipe-rock band, Falk show, dinner location with labyrinth under the city

Let it swing for your country! This statement understand all gentlemen who have once experienced our enthusiastic gentleman Ceremony in Scotland. For an incentive in Scotland, kilts and bagpipes are a must.

COMEO Event ensures as a Scotland experienced agency an authentic experience.

COMEO Event, your agency for exclusive, customized and creative firm incentives in Scotland, Ireland and Britain.

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