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Small but excellent: Since 20 years our advertising unit creates successful dialogue marketing cam-paigns for our medium-sized customers. On time and within budget. By the way: You can’t pick an idea from a supermarket shelve. Why not? Simple - a dazzling idea is not a standardized product. You are a visionary with your very own idea of your aims and how you want to get there. That is why you don’t have to choose between different offers, but will receive a unique result within your guide-lines. We enjoy developing these results with you. One team - eight genius minds, who know your John Doe personally and enter into dialogue with him.


Real Estate

Real Estate is not a crime, is it? In any case it is the COMEO business. Welcome to the agency for Real Estate Marketing. ...more


Meeting your target group. This is the unwritten law of advertising. When working in the field of tour-ism, you also have to send them away.  ...more


Due to our long term experience with countless product launches we always find the right dose of the message to speak to pharmacists and doctors or to consumers directly. ...more

The right mixture

Living proof, that despite having certain core competences, COMEO enjoys a dip in unfamiliar ponds and develops the right lure for their fishermen there, too. ...more



COMEO Design is always an overlap of aesthetics and rebellion. Why? Because good design has to disturb in order to stand out from the ordinary - which is the key to remembering it. Design is that one perfect solution, evolving from a confrontation.  ...more


SEO-optimized writing: check. Impressing the eyes of our users: check. When it comes to online communication, COMEO thinks outside the box and finds exactly the perfect balance. ...more


Keyword: changing society. Print is out, old-fashioned, outdated. No! On the contrary: The motto is „Back to the roots!“ and for a while now, the target group has even appreciated a proper letter again.  ...more


„I am writing you a long letter, because I don’t have the time to write a short one.“ This is how Johann Wolfgang von Goethe started a letter to his friend, back in the days.  ...more


In the beginning there was the idea - and it can be so much more than your typical end customer communication. ...more


Especially big. Especially smart. Especially attention-grabbing.  ...more

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